Let’s Travel to Clearwater Beach by Water Taxi

The Clearwater Ferry Service is more than just water transportation; it’s a unique and affordable attraction. Relax and enjoy the view, sans brake lights, while avoiding the frustration of traveling to the island during peak season, like spring break and weekends, when demand for public parking exceeds availability.

Those looking to visit Clearwater Beach are encouraged to take the ferry from Downtown Clearwater to the beach via Island Estates’ Clearwater Marine Aquarium (1 Marina Way). The first stop on the island of Clearwater Beach is North Beach (442 Bay Esplanade), near the Clearwater Beach Library and Recreation Complex, followed by a stop at the Clearwater Beach Marina (25 Causeway Blvd.). From here, the ferry returns to the mainland and begins its route all over again.

To access downtown parking, follow Cleveland St. west and as you pass Osceola Ave. turn your blinker on and make a right into the large parking lot just after the Harborview Center building. Ample parking is across the street from the downtown boat docks, located at approx. 14 Drew St, along the waterfront.

Cost at this writing is $4 per person each way. The ferry operates from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 midnight on the half hour. For more details, visit Clearwater Ferry.